The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR

2023 Conference Program

Creating Enterprise Content Strategies

Our 2023 program included over 70 sessions on how to plan, manage, and implement content initiatives.

Check back soon for the Call for Speakers for LavaCon 2024.


Schedule at a Glance (PDF)

Saturday, 14 October 2023

Optional Half-day Workshops


Registration Open


Intro to AI Workshop: Excel with AI Before the AI Apocalypse
Noz Urbina, Founder & Omnichannel Strategist, Urbina Consulting,  and Timi Stoop-Alcala, Principal Content Strategist, IKEA

To Move Forward First Know Where You Are
Dawn Stevens, President, Comtech Services


Lunch on your own


Content Design with Progressive Disclosure
Eeshita Grover, Director, Product User Content,
Cisco Systems

Actually Completing a Real Enterprise
Content Strategy
for the Entire Enterprise and Getting it Right

Kevin P Nichols, Executive Director, Experience and Rebecca Schneider, Executive Director, Content, AvenueCX


Meet and Greet
Exhibit Hall

Sunday, 15, October 2023


Registration, Continental Breakfast


The Welcome to LavaCon! opening Taiko Drum Performance
by  Asayake Taiko University of San Diego!

Featured Speakers
(three sequential 18 minute TED-like talks)

Beyond the Horizon: Make AI Work for your Enterprise Content
Stefan Gentz, Principal Worldwide Evangelist, Technical Communication,  Adobe Systems

Creating the Content Experience Beyond the App
Jo Ward, Senior VP, Content Experience, Salesforce


Five breakout sessions

Five Principles of Cross-Functional CX
Sara Feldman, Director of Member Engagement,
Consortium for Service Innovation

Elevate Your Content Strategy: Unleashing Seamless Integration & Innovative Publishing!
Stefan Gentz, Principal Worldwide Evangelist, Technical Communication, Adobe Systems

Dirty DITA Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: A Case Against Structured Authoring and the Status Quo
Carol Hattrup, Manager, Client Learning, Netsmart and
Amy Etheridge, Dir. Customer Success, NICE – CXOne Expert

Content Structure 101: The Building Blocks for Innovation and Digital Transformation
Marianne Calilhanna, VP Marketing, Data Conversion Laboratory


The Technical Writer’s Unlikely Ally: Generative AI for Documentation
Patrick Bosek, CEO and
Jarod Sickler, Senior Solutions Architect, Heretto

Customer Experience and Content: Time for a Less Dysfunctional Relationship
Kevin P Nichols, Executive Director, Experience, AvenueCX

Content 4.0: Human Knowledge in the Age of the Smart Machine
Joe Gollner, Managing Director, Gnostyx Research, Inc.


Networking Lunch followed by Dessert in the Exhibit Hall and
Therapy Dogs in the Grand Foyer


Real-life AI-powered Content Experiences: Behind the Scenes
Gal Oron, CEO and Co-founder, Zoomin and
Aditi Kashikar, Director, Documentation, Automation Anywhere

Building a Data-Driven UX Strategy
Minnie Tuteja, Sr. Technical Writer, Invafresh

Translation and Localization: It’s All Greek to Me
Dana Aubin, Senior Consultant, Comtech Services

Applying the Principles of Structured Writing to Unstructured Content Creation
Dipo Ajose-Coker, Product Marketing Manager, MadCap Software


Snack Break in the Exhibit Hall

Featured Speakers
(two sequential 18 minute TED-like talks)

Peril and Possibilities: AI in Content Operations
Sarah O’Keefe, CEO, Scriptorium

Technical Content: The Business Booster Every CEO Should Care About
David Hoare, VP of Content Experience, ServiceNow


Networking Reception
Marina Courtyard


Annual Storytelling Event
Location: Side Bar San Diego

From poetry to stories and stand-up, grab your beverage of choice and hang out with your LavaCon peeps as we “talk story” (as they say in Hawaii).

They’ll be a place to sign up if you want to participate (five minutes per person).

No prior speaking experience required!

Monday, 16 October 2023


Registration, Continental Breakfast

Featured Speakers
(three sequential 18 minute TED-like talks)

When Perfection Is The Enemy
Megan Gilhooly, Sr. Director Self-help & Content Strategy, Reltio

Getting Business Buy-In For Your Content Initiatives
Maura Moran, Senior Content Consultant, Contiem

Building Trust and Credibility: Creating an Enterprise Content Strategy from Scratch
Samantha Azzarello, Executive Director, Global Research, J.P. Morgan



Stories with Soul: Staying Alive in the Era of ChatGPT
Keith Boyd, Senior Director, Digital Employee Experience, Microsoft
and Mario Juarez, CEO, StoryCo

Driving Content Changes in a Change-Adverse Organization
Christi Guzik, UX Content Strategist, Rocket Companies

Unlocking Documentation’s ROI: Tech Content as Your Business Superpower
Stefan Gentz, Principal Worldwide Evangelist, Technical Communication, Adobe

Microcontent Pipeline to Chatbots and Voice Assistants
Rob Hanna, President, and
Patrick Baker, Director AI, Product, and Support, Precision Content

Leveraging Semantics to Provide Targeted Training Content

Heather Hedden, Semantic Web Company and
Esther Yoon, Senior Data Architect, Google


Case Study: Experiments in Using AI for Content Personalization and Writer Efficiency
Fawn Damitio, Documentation Leader in AI and Machine Learning and
Marilyn Beck, Documentation Engineer,

What’s next: Heading up to Social and Semantic Tech Doc
Fabrice Lacroix, Founder, Fluid Topics

Adventures in Structured Content Authoring: Bringing XML to Regulated Industries
Regina Lynn Preciado, Sr. Director of Content Strategy Solutions, Content Rules Inc.

Boost Results by Bringing SEO & A/B Testing Inside Your CMS
Stephen Fahlsing, Founder/Managing Director, BonfireLA Productions
and Jonathan Ames, Director of Marketing, ButterCMS


Lunch followed by Dessert in the Exhibit Hall and a Therapy Llama in the Grand Foyer!


Putting Up the Guardrails for AI Success
Brian Trombley, Managing Partner,  Commercial, and
Hugues LaRicca, Managing Partner, Technology, Ariza Content Solutions 

You Have Something in Your Content: Trust in a Time of Misinformation
Jennifer Kaufman, Director, Information Engineering, NetApp

Going Omnichannel in Pharma: A Multi-Project Case Study
Noz Urbina, Founder & Omnichannel Strategist, Urbina Consulting

Headless: Catch Silos If You Can
Tomas Nosek, Director of Customer Enablement and
Martina Farkasova, Customer Education Leader,

Makeups and Breakups: Content Migration in the Real World
Jennifer Obert, Content Strategy and Delivery Supervisor and
Jessica Caldwell, Information Architect, Jack Henry & Associates


Ghost in the Machine: Integrating AI into your International Content Strategy
Elizabeth Riley, Accounts Director, Supertext USA and Mike Wald, Chief Marketing Officer, Oniracom

Putting Your Customer First in Your Content—Literally
Marcia Riefer Johnston, Senior Technical Writer


Product Information: Expensive, Cheap, or Priceless?
Matt Reiner, Customer Advocate, K15t

Building Business Value Through User-Centric Content Design
Aditi Kashikar, Director, Documentation, Automation Anywhere

A New Era of ECLM: The Platform & Ecosystem Strategy with Microsoft Integration
Martin Owen, CEO and Emerson Welch, VP Global Marketing, Quark


Snack Break in the Exhibit Hall


Evolution of Content Consumption
Eeshita Grover, Director, Product User Content, Cisco Systems

4:20–5:00 pm

Synergy: A Crowdsourced Exercise in Learning Retention
Andrea Ames, Customer Success/Retention Strategist, Idyll Point Group   

5:00–5:30 pm

GenAI & Wine
Location: Booth 47 in the exhibit hall


Mariachi Parade to dinner venues: Butcher’s Cut, Greystone, Saltwater 


Annual Karaoke Night
Location: Side Bar San Diego

Tuesday, 17 October 2023


Continental Breakfast


How Netsmart Unified our Marketing, Support, and Documentation Content Strategies
Sarah Owings, Senior Director, Client Learning, Netsmart

Delivering Skill Based Learning with Adaptive Content
Max Swisher, Dir of Technology, Content Rules and
Maria McGinn, Head of Partnerships, Xyleme

Taking The Pulse of ContentOps With a Maturity Model
Peihong Zhu, Information Architect, Precision Content


Content and Silos and Users, Oh My! Transforming Our Customers’ Content Experience
Nitza Hauser, Senior Director, Technical Content Strategy and 
Frances Gambino, Vice President, Medidata Global Education
Medidata Solutions

Changing the Wheels While Driving:
Migrating Legacy CMSs to a Single Help Center
George Lewis, Service Delivery Director, 3di Information Solutions


AI Unveiled: A Crash Course for Content Developers
Alvin Reyes, Business Architect, Tridion – RWS and
Regina Lynn Preciado, Sr. Director of Content Strategy, Content Rules Inc

Reserved to repeat standing room only sessions

Overcoming Roadblocks in Your Projects: A Guide to Success!
Daniel Schommer, Content Strategy Consultant, Intuitive Stack

Reserved to repeat standing room only sessions

Why Nextworld Is Writing Our Own Content Applications and How We’re Working Towards Content 4.0
Carrie Sheaffer, Director of Technical and Training Content, Nextworld


Closing Panel Discussion: The Future of Content
Jack Molisani, The LavaCon Conference (Moderator)


Beyond Design Thinking: Innovation Through Co-Creation and Questions
Andrea Ames, Customer Success/ Retention Strategist
Idyll Point Group



Closing Social
Location TBD