The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR

2024 Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers

The LavaCon 2024 Call for Speakers is also available in PDF format.


The next LavaCon is scheduled for 27–30 October 2024 in Portland, OR.

LavaCon is known for having the very best content professionals as speakers. We are also known for creating a fantastic attendee experience, featuring live music, fun networking events, and more.

Watch a recap video from a previous time LavaCon was in Portland to get a feel for the LavaCon attendee experience:

About LavaCon

LavaCon is not a stuffy conference where “learned professors” talk about what attendees can do with enterprise content. Instead, we feature practicing industry professionals who have successfully implemented enterprise content initiatives—the “Rockstars of Content Strategy” so to speak.

One of the attractions of LavaCon to me is how sassy (for the lack of a better term) it is. It gets big names from major companies covering really important stuff, but there is also a sense of playfulness.     L.R., Senior Content Developer


As for the “sense of playfulness,” here are sample session titles from previous conferences:

Content in the Zombie Apocalypse

Cowabunga! Riding the Crest of the New Content Revolution

Creating a Global Content Team Is Like Trying to Catch a Unicorn in a
Blizzard. You Can Do It, But You Have to Know Where to Look!

We encourage entertaining titles for sessions and workshops.



The typical LavaCon attendee is a senior content professional who wants to create a unified content strategy / content experience across organizational silos (tech pubs, marketing, training, tech support, etc.).



We had 400+ in-person content professionals in San Diego, with an additional 200+ remote attendees in our live virtual track.

Assuming we continue to recover from the almost-recession of 2023, we expect 500 to 600 in-person attendees in Portland.


Workshops and Sessions

Breakout sessions and case studies are 45 minutes long. Pre-conference workshops are either half day or full day.

Note: We live stream and record all sessions in the Grand Ballroom and record all breakout sessions webinar style (slides and audio), so attendees can watch the sessions they did not attend in person. We are not, however, offering prerecorded sessions in an on-demand library as we did during Covid years.


2024 Theme

While we’re looking for a wide range of sessions on best practices and emerging technologies, all proposed sessions should support the overall theme of: Content as a Business Asset: Leveraging Content to Improve the Customer Experience


Case Studies

Surveys show that attendees love case studies. What business or content problems were you experiencing? How to did you solve them? How much did the solution cost vs. the return on investment? Bonus points for sharing before-and-after metrics!



We are looking for workshops and sessions on strategic topics such as

  • Creating Enterprise Content Strategies
  • Creating Stellar Customer Experiences
  • Integrating TechComm into your Marketing Strategy
  • Integrating MarComm into the Enterprise Content Ecosystem
  • How to Search and Return Content from Multiple, Disparate Content Silos
  • Content Self Service and Support Call Deflection
  • The Intersection of Content Strategy and User Experience (UX)
  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence
  • And more

While LavaCon attendees tend to be more managerial and strategic than individual contributors, they are directly involved in selecting and implementing technology solutions. Hence, we also need sessions on

  • What Is Structured Authoring and DITA, What Are the Benefits, etc.
  • How to Choose a Content Management System that Is Right for You
  • What are Taxonomies and How Do You Create Them?
  • What Is Content Modeling and How Do You Do It?
  • How to Create and Maintain a Knowledge Management System
  • How to Perform Content Inventories, Content Audits
  • Integrating Content CMSs into Other Enterprise Data Systems (CRM, Automated Part Catalogs, etc.)
  • Content Operations, Content as a Service (CaaS), Content Governance
  • And so on


A LavaCon speaker once surveyed attendees asking what problems they face when rolling out enterprise content initiatives. Not one person mentioned technology problems—they were all people problems. Hence, we are also looking for sessions on topics such as

  • Building a Business Case for Content Initiatives
  • Best Practices for Rolling Out Enterprise Content Initiatives
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change: How to get organizations to adopt
    controlled vocabulary, common enterprise taxonomies, structured authoring, etc.
  • Integrating Subject Matter Experts Into Structured Authoring Ecosystems
  • Influence without Authority—how to get other groups to do what you need
  • How to Manage Remote Teams
  • How to Manage Difficult Employees
  • Content Metrics and Analytics
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • And more

And, of course, we are always looking for sessions on emerging content technologies, such as the latest AI tools, Content 4.0, iXML, etc.


Content Marketing and SEO

While LavaCon does not specialize in content marketing (there are other conferences for that), we do need sessions on generating revenue and cost avoidance

  • Leveraging Content to Generate Revenue
  • Integrating Technical Content in Marketing Strategies
  • Applying Marketing and SEO Strategies to Technical Publications
  • Displaying both Marcomm and Techcomm Content in the Same UI
  • Using the Same CMS for both Marketing and Technical Content
  • Treating Contest as a Business Asset
  • And so on


Terms and Conditions

  • There is a limit of two speakers per session
  • Speakers are comp’ed into the conference (including workshops) as compensation for speaking. We also split workshop revenue with the workshop facilitator(s).
  • Panel discussions are welcome, but should be staffed by speakers or attendees
    who are already at the conference. (Call or email with questions.)
  • Vendors may present case studies if a customer co-presents. (No product demos, please. Contact us if you’d like information on exhibiting at the conference.)
  • Non-local speakers must stay at the conference hotel to help us fill our room block commitment
  • You agree to share on social media that you are speaking at LavaCon as part of our content marketing campaign.
  • You own the rights to all your material, but you give LavaCon permission to share materials with conference attendees and to be photographed/videoed at the event.
  • You agree that we may share your contact info with sponsor/exhibitors.
  • We will also provide a larger discount code for others in your organization who want to participate as attendees.


How to Submit


  • Have a question? Want to pitch an idea before proposing? Contact me at 1+ 562-726-1800  or [email protected]
  • Deadline for submitting: 28 February 2024
  • If you have a second speaker: First enter your information, then scroll up and click Add+ to enter info about the second speaker.  Once done adding BOTH speakers, scroll down and click Complete–>

Ready? Submit your proposal here! (See the note above if you have a second speaker!)