The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA
Andrea Ames

Andrea’s passion is for supporting people to become wildly successful at work and in business. Embracing that we bring our whole selves to work, she has supported hundreds of business owners, executives, leaders, and teams to grow and honor their humanity as individuals while getting business done.

After 35 years in strategic, corporate roles focused on capability building, learning and development, and content and customer experience, Andrea started her business, Idyll Point™ Group, to take that work beyond a single company and broaden her impact. Her small-business clients call her the Customer Success Jedi, and she is an ICF certified coach, a trainer and facilitator, as well as a sought-after keynote speaker, an author of numerous articles and two award-winning technical books.

You can find out more about Andrea, how to connect with her on all the socials, and how to book time on her calendar from her website (

Becoming a Conscious Leader

Co-presenting with: Kit Brown-Hoekstra

To be effective leaders in a rapidly changing world, we need new tools and ways of connecting with our teams. True leadership begins with our inner work, which enables us to remain centered, flexible, and resilient, even in the midst of a crisis, so that we can creatively serve our teams.

During this workshop, we will explore how neuroscience and mindfulness can move us from states of reactivity to creativity and allow us to tap into our greatest leadership strengths. We will learn about the power of the pause, how to incorporate micro-moments of mindfulness into our daily lives, and why the questions we ask matter and how to create better ones. We will build connections with each other and gain a basic understanding of the power of appreciative inquiry.

Before the workshop, we invite participants to
– Read introduction to Leading Well from Within and watch the video (we will supply PDF and link to video)
– Bring a picture of a place that fills you with awe, wonder, or delight

In this workshop attendees will learn:

  • How neurology influences your capacity to be an effective leader
  • At least three techniques for building your self-leadership capability and capacity
  • How to begin creating and asking more effective questions
  • Facilitation techniques that you can use to build connections on your team
  • How appreciative inquiry can expand your capacity for leadership, improve your change management, and create a better corporate culture

Design Thinking PLUS for Content

Design Thinking is a problem-solving methodology that is made most effective with the addition of expert facilitation. Andrea has updated her basic Design Thinking workshop to include additional techniques that will enhance the connections between your workshop participants, cut through the “political noise” and agendas that often accompany problem solving in teams, and ensure the most successful workshop outcomes!

BONUS: This workshop will give you a THREEFER! Join Andrea to (1) learn design thinking methods, (2) observe the “meta” lessons in the how she facilitates, and (3) provide feedback on the LavaCon Conference!

In this session, attendees will learn:

Expert facilitation techniques to lead design thinking workshops with a focus on content challenges!