The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Jason Kaufman

Jason Kaufman is the President and Principal AI Content Strategist at Irrevo and a pioneer in Generative AI consulting. With a 20-year legacy in content strategy and knowledge management, he now leads the charge in integrating AI-driven solutions for businesses. His expertise lies in melding technical writing and AI, transforming traditional content strategies with innovative AI applications. Jason holds certifications in KCS and AI for Decision Making, underscoring his commitment to ethical and efficient AI integration in enterprise environments. At Irrevo, he steers organizations towards harnessing the full potential of AI, ensuring strategic growth and enhanced customer experiences.

Building and Maintaining a Prompt Library as a Business Asset

This workshop will explore the creation and maintenance of a PromptBase, a centralized platform for managing, refining, and sharing AI model prompts. Attendees will learn how a well-structured PromptBase can act as a critical business asset, enhancing the effectiveness of AI applications, fostering collaboration, and improving customer experiences through efficient content strategy and management.

In this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • Understanding the Role and Importance of a PromptBase: Recognizing the significance of a PromptBase as a centralized platform for managing AI prompts, which serves as a knowledge repository, educational tool, and efficiency enhancer​​.
  • Lifecycle Management of AI Prompts: Mastering the full process of AI prompt development, from identifying the need, creating, testing, refining, and finally, publishing effective AI prompts​​.
  • Risk Mitigation in AI Prompt Usage: Learning strategies to mitigate risks associated with AI, including addressing AI hallucinations, maintaining data security, managing drift, ensuring reliability, and mitigating bias​​.
  • Effective Design and Use of Prompt Variables: Understanding how to create versatile and reusable prompts with variables, allowing for adaptation to different scenarios and integration into various workflows​​.
  • Feedback Management and Quality Control for Continuous Improvement: Implementing robust feedback mechanisms and quality control processes to continually refine and update prompts, ensuring their effectiveness and relevance​​.

Transforming Technical Communication with ChatGPT: Real-World Applications and Demonstrations

In an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping the landscape of technical communication, our session, “Transforming Technical Communication with ChatGPT: Real-World Applications and Demonstrations,” offers a deep dive into the practical applications of ChatGPT, one of the most advanced AI language models. This session promises to be an engaging blend of theoretical insights and hands-on demonstrations, showcasing how ChatGPT can revolutionize content strategy and enhance customer experiences.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to Develop AI Intuition: Gaining an understanding of how to recognize opportunities for using AI like ChatGPT in daily tasks and workflows, and the importance of starting small and scaling AI applications​​.
  • The Art of Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT: Mastering the creation of effective prompts, including setting the role/persona, context, and specific requests to generate precise and relevant responses from ChatGPT​​.
  • Practical Applications of ChatGPT in Technical Communication: Witnessing real-world demonstrations of ChatGPT for tasks like combating writer’s block, converting community discussions into knowledge base articles, and ensuring consistency in documentation​​.
  • Utilizing ChatGPT for Content Analysis and Enhancement: Learning how ChatGPT can be used to analyze user feedback, document data, and identify opportunities for enhancing existing content, making data-driven decisions more efficient and effective​​.
  • Engaging in Interactive, Real-Time Problem Solving with ChatGPT: Participating in an open forum to discuss challenges, share additional use cases, and explore innovative ideas for implementing ChatGPT in various technical communication scenarios​​.