The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA
Jason Kaufman

Jason is a renowned Content Strategy Expert and the President of Irrevo (a technical writing staffing and consultancy), with over 20 years of experience in enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing support costs for leading organizations. Passionate about AI-driven technologies, he revolutionizes organizations’ approaches by leveraging innovative content strategies. As a visionary, Jason collaborates with enterprises, specializing in AI integration, knowledge engineering, and content management. His expertise spans writing, reviewing, summarizing, and analyzing content using AI. With KCS and AI for Decision Making certifications, he combines technical writing, leadership, and cutting-edge AI solutions for lasting positive impacts on companies and customers. Stay updated with the EverythingAI newsletter on LinkedIn:

Advanced AI Workshop: Creating and Publishing Text, Images, Music, and Video Using Cutting Edge Generative AI Tools

In this workshop, Jason Kaufman will demonstrate a diverse set of AI-powered applications to generate and modify various types of content (text, images, video, voice, and more).

First you’ll get a sneak peek at an AI-generated newscast by a virtual news anchor Shelly Strong that introduces the session and welcomes attendees to Lavacon 2023!

You’ll then walk through the use of each of these various AI tools and sample prompts used to create a sample newsletter and video. For each system, Jason will discuss its purpose, its use, prompting, and output:

  • Meta’s MusicGen (Text to Music)
  • ChatGPT Large Language Model (LLM)
  • ChatGPT Plugins
  • Anthropic (LLM)
  • Perplexity.AI (LLM)
  • Midjourney (Image Creation)
  • RunwayAI (Text to Video)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Generative Fill)
  • Synthesia.AI (AI Avatar and Voice Generation)

He’ll also use ChatGPT to demonstrate the creation of the social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

Finally workshop attendees will (hands-on) create and watch an AI-generated video.

Want a deep-dive into generative AI tools?  Don’t miss this workshop!

Unlocking the AI Advantage: Transforming Content Creation for Technical Writers and Content Strategists

In this session, attendees will embark on a transformative journey, gaining invaluable knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving landscape of AI integration in content creation. Through interactive discussions and practical demonstrations, participants will discover how to leverage AI to optimize their work and achieve new levels of efficiency. Join us for this enlightening session and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of AI-integrated content creation. Unleash the power of AI and elevate your work to new heights of creativity, efficiency, and impact.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Cultivate “AI Intuition” for Content Creation: Attendees will develop a crucial skill in recognizing opportunities where AI can enhance their content creation process. By honing this intuition, participants unlock the ability to identify tasks suitable for AI integration.
  • Practical Application of AI in Content Creation: Delve into the vast potential of AI across various content creation aspects. From writing and reviewing to summarizing and analyzing, explore practical strategies for seamlessly integrating AI into your workflow.
  • Navigate AI Challenges Effectively: While AI offers immense opportunities, effectively addressing its challenges is essential. Understand the concept of “AI Hallucinations” and embrace the importance of “Human Verification.”
  • Gain valuable insights into AI’s limitations and learn to strike a balance between technology and human expertise, ensuring accuracy, credibility, and a human touch in your content.