The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA
Christi Guzik

Christi Guzik has worked as a Senior UX Content Strategist at DocuSign, where she focused on content modernization projects, both in the Content Design and Technical Writing areas. Prior to DocuSign, she worked as a Content Strategist and Principal UX/Technical Writer at Boomi, where she focused on content standards and led initiatives such overhauling the online documentation. Additionally, she spent eight years at IBM’s Silicon Valley Lab as a Technical Writer, focusing on DITA migrations and developing effective UX content to modernize a mainframe database.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing and Communication and a master’s degree in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

Setting Boundaries: Effectively Prioritizing Content Requests and Keeping Your Sanity

There’s 100 of them and one of you. While you want to show your value so the one of you grows to two then three then an entire team of product content professionals. So, anytime someone comes to you needing something, you say “Yes”.
Yet, you’re stretching yourself too thin agreeing to everything. And, you’re not focusing on the highest priority content needs or producing your best work. But, say “No”? No way!
Join this session to discuss ways for you to prioritize, turn requests down without alienating your coworkers, and show your value (and hopefully grow your team!).

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Prioritizing your content requests against organizational priorities
  • Identifying your bandwidth on the work you can successfully complete in a given timeframe
  • Defining your content workload weighing the prioritized requests against your bandwidth
  • Committing to and decommitting to specific requests using the metrics previously identified
  • Keeping the dialog open between you and stakeholders, managers, and those requesting content