The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA

Build a Business Case to Attend LavaCon

How do you convince your boss that attending LavaCon is a smart investment? Build a business case that connects your organization’s needs with the LavaCon program.

Do you want to improve the customer experience? Save on production or translation costs?  Learn how better content can increase revenue?

LavaCon offers sessions and case studies that will help you make a difference in your organization.

Where to Start

If you’ve never written a business case, start by reading the Intercom magazine article How to Build a Business Case by Jack Molisani and Bonni Graham (in PDF format).

Magazine cover: how to build a busniess case

Next, list all the challenges you encounter in your job and how those situations cost your company time and money.

Then download the conference Schedule at a Glance (PDF format) and highlight the sessions and workshops you think will address those challenges.

Build Your Business Case

To write the business case, use a detailed template or a simple one. Show how the sessions you want to attend will help your organization.  (Remember to say what’s in for the organization, not what’s in it for you.)

Have you been working long hours? Back-to-back deadlines? Due any comp time? Mention to your boss that you have been contributing far above-and-beyond a normal 40-hour work week, and that attending the conference will not only result in the cost savings you outlined in the first part of your business case, but it will also pay back some of that comp time you have accrued.

Is Your Boss Still Not Convinced?

Contact Jack Molisani, and he will put your manager in touch with others who have sent people to LavaCon so they can speak manager-to-manager about the value of attending.