The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA
Matt Reiner

Throughout his time on multiple product teams, Matt has contributed as a scrum master, technical writer, marketer, content designer, and speaker. He specializes in those weird ways content brings the world together.

He likes using his skills to connect people to the products and resources around them. He loves connecting directly with users, advocating for their needs, and helping create products and resources to help them share what they do best

Yes, You Can Make High Quality Informational Videos Quickly

Why is it so hard to make a good instructional video for a product? Either spend a lot of time and money for one quality 30-second video or go the quick and cheap route for a boring video of blurry screen captures and robotic narration. Right?

That’s what I thought, but it turns out there’s another way. Join this talk to learn how to quickly and affordably make instructional product video content that’s truly valuable to your audience and your organization. We’ll explore the framework your team can use to justify video creation, structure the video for success, and make it look and sound great.

Topics we’ll cover:
Make the Case for Value
Structure, Then Create
Sound Great so Viewers Listen Well
Make Your Product the Star
Prepare the Supporting Roles

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to make the case for instructional product videos in your organization to get the support you need
  • Ways to use existing content to create effective videos
  • The framework your team can use to consistently make valuable video content quickly
  • How to make good quality instructional and informational videos with simple apps and equipment