The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA
Dipo Ajose-Coker

After relocating to France in 2005, Dipo completed an MA in Multilingual and Multimedia Document Conception at the Université Paris Cité. He has since spent the past 18 years combining his love for language and IT skills in various roles, serving as a DITA expert, technical writer, technical editor, and proof-reader in the Fintech and MedTech device industries. In 2021, Dipo transitioned into Content Creation and Marketing. Acting as the crucial link between developers and the end users, occupying the sweet spot between expectation and delivery, Dipo represents both the voice of the user and that of the software developer, acting as the quintessential middleman. In the grand symphony of the Technical Communications industry, Dipo takes on the role of a conductor to unify and harmonize the voice of the user, industry experts, and the vendor.

Applying the Principles of Structured Writing to Unstructured Content Creation

In this presentation, we will explore the principles of structured writing and unstructured writing, with a specific focus on applying these principles to Help Authoring Tools (HATs). Technical writers often follow structured writing methodologies when creating and maintaining documentation. However, they may not realize that these same principles can be effectively applied to their work with HATs. By understanding the benefits and techniques of structured writing, technical writers can enhance the usability and efficiency of their HAT-based documentation. This presentation aims to provide technical writers with valuable insights and practical tips to optimize their use of HATs through the application of structured writing principles.

In this session, attendees will learn:

The principles of structured writing How to apply the principles when using non-structured authoring tools.