The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA
Nenad Furtula

Nenad Furtula is the a Partner and the VP Sales and Marketing at Bluestream Content Solutions, which produces XDocs CCMS, a DITA-based Component Content Management System (CCMS.

Bluestream is the leading vendor solution for organizations looking to improve and enhance their information workflow. Since 1997 Bluestream has been delivering content solutions on top of its platforms to large enterprises across the globe.

Documentation 4.0, IoT, and the Future of Tech Comm

In many companies, various forms of content are created and maintained by different departments, often using different authoring tools. Even a single documentation team can have multiple manuals that need to be updated every time there is a product change. This leads to content inconsistencies, duplicate effort, and a less-than-ideal content experience.

In this session, companies can move product content in a content management system (CMS). This enables content teams to create content once, then deliver that content when the reader needs it, in the language the reader needs, and formatted for the device on which they are reading it.

Finally, I’ll show how integrating a CMS with other enterprise systems can not only improve the user experience, but can also change your documentation teams from cost centers to revenue-generating profit centers.

Want to see how you can increase you sphere of influence and help your company generate more revenue?  Don’t miss this session!