The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Peihong Zhu

Peihong Zhu is an Information Architect at Precision Content and a council member of the Toronto chapter of STC. With a previous career in bioinformatics, Peihong understands the importance of technologies in information exchange. She has received formal training in technical writing and DITA XML. Peihong’s current work focuses on helping clients publish structured content. Peihong is passionate about adopting innovative information architecture approaches to solve content problems.

Taking The Pulse Of ContentOps With A Maturity Model

ContentOps is a creature with many complex parts and intricate connective tissues, which if left unchecked could easily go awry and wreak havoc. To be able to monitor the health of your ContentOps, you need appropriate tools. This presentation will introduce a ContentOps maturity model that can be used as the benchmark to identify gaps in the current state or to prescribe the desired future state of ContentOps.

In this session attendees will learn:

  • The definition of ContentOps
  • The priorities of ContentOps
  • The definition of maturity model
  • The components of the ContentOps maturity model
  • How and when to use ContentOps maturity model.