The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 24-27 October 2021 | Austin, TX
Alex Masycheff

Alex Masycheff is a CEO of Intuillion Ltd. ( that develops solutions for managing, automating, and delivering content.

Alex has been in the content industry for 20+ years. He lead implementation of XML-based solutions in many companies, including Kodak, Siemens, Netgear, and EMC.

Alex believes that a combination of structured content, AI, and NLP can provide users not only with precise answers on direct questions, but navigate them through the opportunities that the users don’t even realize that they exist.

Integrating Salesforce into the Documentation Process

To provide high-quality customer experience, support agents need access to high-quality content. Part of this content is created by technical writers. Often, this content ends up in PDFs isolated from the knowledge base used by support agents and customers. To close this gap, NETGEAR integrated their DITA CCMS with Salesforce. Now, content written by technical writers is available in knowledge base form for support agents to use for improving their own product knowledge and sharing with customers. In this session, Alex Masycheff will talk about NETGEAR’s content journey. He’ll cover:

  • Why support agents should have easy access to content created by technical writers
  • How integrating the NETGEAR DITA CCMS with Salesforce provided support agents and end-users with smooth access to the up-to-date product content
  • Why NETGEAR decided to use DITA for user manuals
  • How content reuse led to a higher productivity of the technical publications team, reduced costs, and happy customers
  • How integrating the DITA CCMS with Salesforce made the content written by technical writers findable by search engines and improved the SEO of the NETGEAR website
  • What benefits NETGEAR received by closing the gap between technical writers and support agents