The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 24-27 October 2021 | Virtual
Jackie Damrau

Dr. Jackie Damrau is a Fellow and the Book Review Editor for Technical Communication with Society for Technical Communication. She also serves on multiple STC committees: Chair, 2020-2021 Education Committee and STC Alliance Competitions (Team 5, Lead Judge). She is an immediate past member of the STC Nominating Committee (2018-2020).
Jackie is a Senior Business Analyst for a technology consulting firm, impacting major corporations, NGOs and government agencies across the country and internationally working on a major pharmaceutical client account.
In her spare time, Jackie enjoys raising her two grandchildren and reading murder mysteries along with other esoteric subjects.

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Documentation Everywhere…What Do You Create?

Documents are everywhere. We create them. Content leads to education, to proper use, and to our careers as wordsmiths and word magicians.

With documents, they come in all types. The types of document you create will be the interesting part of this collaborative, interactive session where we’ll whiteboard (online or in person) the many types of documents created. Followed by a few stepping forth and helping to craft an article or blog post for those entering our profession to know the many types of documentation that we create.

For myself, I’ve worked on:

• Cybersecurity: BIAs, DR Plans, Privacy Workbooks, ISO-related Policies, Standards, Processes/Procedures, run(play)books.
• Project Management: Project Plans, Weekly or Aggregated Status Reports, and data spreadsheets.
• Business Analysis: URDs, MSDs, DDs, RRSs, BPDs, User Stories, Test/Demo Scripts and Plans.
Come share your documentation types. We can all learn from what we create.

  • How content (structured, unstructured, semi-structured) works in data governance
  • Data content stages, their classifications, and states
  • What data is being or can be collected about you

She has much more to learn and hopes you’ll join her on her journey.