The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 24-27 October 2021 | Virtual
Noz Urbina

Noz Urbina photoNoz Urbina is a globally recognized leader in the field of content strategy and customer experience consultancy. He’s well known as a pioneer in customer journey mapping and adaptive content modelling for delivering personalized, contextually relevant content experiences in an omnichannel environment. He is also co-author of the book Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits; lecturer in the Masters Program in content strategy at the University of Applied Sciences, Graz; and Program Director for

In 2013 he founded his own consultancy Urbina Consulting and in 2018, co-founded the omnichannel events organisation OmnichannelX.

Content Design for Omnichannel Experiences

One of today’s most daunting challenges is creating content for personalised delivery, on a diverse array of target devices and channels. This session will teach a proven methodology to analyze, enrich, and structure content that is omnichannel, personalization, and automation-ready. Content designs that deliver a unified content model are the backbone of an omnichannel content strategy. This session will show you how it’s done, and connect the dots between your commercial goals, content processes, and user experience across multiple touchpoints. You’ll learn:

  • A visual and conceptual language with which to align user experience designers and content creators
  • What techniques and technologies leading global brands are using to organize and target their content for maximum value-add to their staff and end users
  • An immediately applicable understanding of structured, semantic content that will improve your content’s manageability and search engine optimization
  • A clear run-down of the concrete business benefits of adaptive content and omnichannel content
  • A simple overview of the systems architectures used by enterprises to optimize their content for omnichannel, including knowledge bases, chatbots, portals, websites, apps, and more

Customer Journey Mapping for Omnichannel Experiences

Planning out content requirements for advanced reuse, personalization, or multichannel delivery is hard. Instead of assuming sales funnel or buyer’s journey in an abstract way, customer journey maps (CJMs) seek to paint a detailed picture of the user’s experiences, content needs, and emotional states along the user’s way to accomplishing an objective. CJMs bring together your stakeholders around UX and integrate directly into content design and editorial planning processes that support omnichannel personalization at any scale. In this workshop, Noz Urbina will cover these topics:

  • How journey mapping can improve cross-team collaboration, content planning, modeling, and personalization initiatives
  • A new methodology for evaluating content effectiveness
  • A framework with which to break down silos around content
  • A template for mapping journeys and content requirements (in a cloud-based collaboration tool)

Storming a Castle: Winning Support for and Executing a Content Strategy

Co-presented with Britt Ellmer

To advance a strategy, you must first win management’s support for it. Noz Urbina presented the castle storming theory at LavaCon, which described how to succeed in content strategy by approaching your organization like a maze-like castle, with a moat, some traps, and maybe a dragon. Then Tech Writer Britt Ellmer took up the challenge. Now she’s 3.5 years into managing her own transformative, growing content strategy program. Join us for a real-world case study, and learn to storm your castle.

Building Content Models that Serve Customers, Not Your Content

Is content king? As content professionals, we often reflexively say, “Yes!” If it is king, what is its kingdom? Often content design requirements for content modelling focus on content reuse, internal savings, avoiding translation costs, and so on. However, effective communication is based on understanding the target audience and their needs. Content has no purpose if not to serve your audience – be they colleagues, partners, or external paying customers. Join this session to discuss how content can work harder when designed on a solid foundation.