The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
David Hoare

David is VP of Product Content at ServiceNow. He leads the global technical writing team who manage tens of thousands of topics in a variety of languages. Prior to ServiceNow he led Content Operations for 125 Google Consumer products with traffic of 30B visits/year. David has 25 years experience leading teams in a variety of areas including technical writing, software consultancy, information technology, business development, data science and customer support for large, multinational corporations. Helping users make the most of the products they’ve bought is the common theme throughout his career.

Technical Content: the Business Booster Every CEO Should Care About

Your technical content does the talking when your sales people are out of the room. And yet, most content leaders find it hard to showcase the revenue and retention contribution of their content investments.

In this session, David will share how to:

  • Demonstrate the return on investment of content organization to revenue, product adoption, and renewals
  • Build a content value realization methodology
  • Effectively combine content, UX and research for optimizing the customer journey
  • Get content leaders a seat as a core key to business growth