The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Kevin P Nichols

Kevin P Nichols is an award-winning thought leader, digital industry expert and author with more than 25-years experience in digital strategy, user experience, and content. He was a key contributor to creating MIT OpenCourseWare, grew one of the largest content strategy teams in the world at SapientNitro and has worked on content for dozens of global brands. At AvenueCX, Kevin takes his passion about content and works with global brands to improve their overall content and customer experiences. He is an expert in enterprise content strategy, omnichannel content strategy, and personalization. He offers a podcast called “All Things Content” and he has a webinar series entitled The Personalization Wrangler. He is author of Enterprise Content Strategy: A Project Guide and co-author of UX for Dummies. Kevin is also the chair of Content Strategy Alliance Best Practices initiative.

Actually Completing a Real Enterprise Content Strategy for the Entire Enterprise and Getting it Right

Co-presented with: Rebecca Schneider

Many folks talk about an Enterprise Content Strategy, but so few organizations complete one or roll out a strategy effectively. Kevin and Rebecca and have done it and for large, global brands. How do you conceive, design, implement, and sustain an Enterprise Content Strategy? Where do you start? And why are initiatives such as federated search and successful self-service content for customer support significantly benefited from an Enterprise Content Strategy? In this workshop, Kevin and Rebecca will show you where to begin and how to build one. From the people you need on a team, to the complete project process to the actual types of deliverables and outcomes you should achieve.

In this workshop attendees will learn:

  • How do you build the case for an Enterprise Content Strategy need and sell it to the necessary stakeholders?
  • Where do you start and why does everything begin and end with a content type?
  • What types of areas do you audit to build out a strategy and how can this also facilitate a more concrete content governance structure and team?
  • What does an actual enterprise content strategy look like and how do you get there?
  • How do you build a roadmap from it that demonstrates impact and ROI?

Customer Experience and Content:
Time for a Less Dysfunctional Relationship

Content proves to be an essential asset, determining how well a brand performs with its customers. But the obvious symbiotic relationship between customer experience and content often remains unrealized by too many brands. In this discussion, I argue that content experience creates brand experience, informing and influencing a customer’s experience with a brand. As such, content can help quantify the success of many customer experience efforts. I draw from real examples to make this case and provide actual types of metrics approaches for measuring content performance throughout the customer journey and customer experience.

In this session attendees will learn:

  • Aligning Customer Experience teams with Content Teams to create better brand experiences for customers.
  • Enhancing the customer’s experience with content through need-specific journeys that account for the entire customer’s journey.
  • Understanding the complete customer content experience necessitates the need to go beyond standard content marketing. Technical content and other content remain crucial.
  • Quantifying customer experience through content performance.