The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Laura Miles

Laura’s role, is to oversee operational aspects of our Customer Success Organization, including customer education, help documentation, project enablement, change management, and resource management. She also collaborates with cross-functional teams to ensure customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Leveraging analytical skills, Laura partners with colleagues to identify and solve customer issues, optimize processes, and drive continuous improvement. She has recently obtained three certifications that demonstrate my commitment to learning and enhancing my skills in leadership and management and am currently working on a fourth certification through Harvard Business School Online.

Creating a Truly Customer-centric Content Experience

In this talk, Laura Miles, Associate Director of Customer Success Operations at NAVEX, will share her team’s quest to transform their technical content experience for customers while streamlining their content operations.


The NAVEX team found themselves with an entirely disjointed and fragmented content experience – with a cumbersome publishing process to boot. Customers were forced to search through outdated and inconsistent content across sporadic channels. Various teams were authoring content in differing environments and building a mountain of decentralized, ineffective content that was impossible to track and maintain. Their customer community only surfaced Salesforce articles which meant that a significant amount of valuable content was not serving their customers.



Guided by a desire to help customers find relevant content as easily as possible, NAVEX set about on a gut renovation of their content strategy and experience. The team got to work centralizing content authoring with their seasoned technical writing team. Alongside this change, they created a singular, comprehensive location for customers to find the answers they need within a personalized self-service experience. They built cross-functional feedback channels and leveraged in-depth analytics to pinpoint content gaps and set up new publishing processes that allowed for near-instant updates to be made.


In this session, attendees will learn:

This talk is designed to provide inspiration and practical guidance to documentation leaders looking to radically improve how customers access and experience their content while making substantial productivity gains. We’ll share the content strategy, tooling and process that our team undertook and how we’re measuring our content performance to continuously improve outcomes.