The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Jackie Pysarchuk

Jackie Pysarchuk is an Enterprise Content Strategist at the American College of Cardiology. She offers a data-informed approach and a dedication to advocating for company goals while focusing on providing the best experience to end users. She is committed to creating content experiences that are sustainable, accessible, and thoughtful.

Her career combines content strategy, content operations, and user experience strategy. She previously worked at Yes& Agency, Northrop Grumman Corporation, American Bankers Association, and American Council of Engineering Companies. In 2018, Jackie was named an Association Technology Star by DCA Live.

Focus on Content Experience for a More Sustainable Web

If the internet were a country, it would be the fourth-largest polluter on the planet. The energy cost of powering the web is often overlooked, but should be a major talking point for those of us who shape it.
This session will illustrate how content experience directly influences a website’s sustainability score. We’ll discuss ways to optimize accessibility, search optimization, user experience, and content governance practices to support more green-conscious work.

In this session you will learn:

  • Sustainable website practices
  • The tools digital teams should use as they develop content
  • Talking points for leadership buy-in