The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Rahel Anne Bailie

Rahel Anne Bailie is the Content Solutions Director at TWi. She brings with her a strong background in developing successful digital content strategies, tackling the complexities of managing content for clients globally. With a aim of using content to deliver better experiences and increase the ROI of product lifecycle content, she applies the principles behind intelligent content to deliver operational efficiencies in a scalable, sustainable way. In her 20+ years of consulting, Rahel has worked with many global companies, including Welch Allyn and A-dec Dental. Rahel is a recognised thought leader, having authored and contributed to several industry books, magazines, and academic journals. She presents at events worldwide and also teaches in the Content Strategy Master’s Program at FH-Joanneum in Austria.

Optimizing Content Operations: Calculating the ROI of your Production Pipeline

Explore how to enhance your content team’s efficiency. Learn to identify bottlenecks, optimise operations, and spend more time on high-value tasks.

In this workshop, we tackle a crucial but often overlooked aspect of content strategy: the operational efficiency of content production. Many organisations, particularly at the executive level, underestimate the complexity and resource intensity involved in producing content. The focus tends to be on the final product, neglecting the upstream blockers and bottlenecks.

Workshop leader, Rahel Bailie, will guide participants through the content operations landscape, offering insights into identifying problem areas and calculating the ROI of addressing these issues.

Participants will explore case studies of how organisations managed to tighten their operating models between 50 and 80% through thorough process analyses and a radical rethink of their operating model. You’ll learn how this efficiency was achieved, and discuss what you can take from this to apply to your own operating model. The judicious inclusion of AI to improve content operations will be discussed.

Creating a strong operating model doesn’t have to stifle productivity and creativity; rather, it provides more time for high-value tasks. You will learn how to focus your efforts on optimising the right operating model for your content team, turning operational efficiency into a strategic advantage. This workshop is not just about understanding the problems but also about finding tangible solutions to enhance the overall content production process.

In this workshop attendees will learn:

  • Where to look for waste in the content lifecycle using the principles of Lean services
  • How to capture and present compelling data to make the case for an improved operating model
  • Ways to calculate a cost-benefit analysis to determine where to focus attention

Writing a Book on ContentOps: It Takes a Village of Experts

Fellow Panelists: Carlos Evia & Sarah O’Keefe

This panel session tells the sometimes scary, frequently challenging, but always exciting process of writing a book on the topic of Content Operations (ContentOps). The characters in this book, titled “Content Operations from Start to Scale: Perspectives from Industry Experts,” include superheroes from the content industry: some of them with powers in technical communication, others with accomplishments in user and customer experience, a few with marketing communication battle stories, champions of diversity and inclusion in content profession, and even some nerdy college professors who truly care about the world of Content Operations. In this panel session, contributors to this open access book will guide the audience through many aspects and concepts related to ContentOps, including its definition(s), the business case for it, the technologies that support it, its integration with user experience, its importance for content governance, localization, and personalization, and practical hands-on approaches for adopting ContentOps in enterprise workflows.

In this panel discussion attendees will learn:

  • The experience of putting together an international team of content experts to write an open access book on Content Operations
  • Tips and recommendations for collaborative writing across time zones
  • Fundamental concepts of Content Operations, with emphasis on the business, technology, and practical approaches to adopting this content methodology
  • The large-scale coverage of ContentOps as a framework for technical communication, user experience, marketing communication, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.