The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Alan Porter

An industry thought leader and catalyst for change with a strong track record in developing new ideas, embracing emerging technologies, introducing operational improvements, and driving business value.

Held senior leadership roles in Content Operations, Product Marketing, and Customer Experience.

Named one of the Top 25 Content Strategy Influencers and a Digital Strategy

From Content Vision to Content Project – A True Story

In late 2023 the American Contractors Insurance Group (ACIG) realized they had a content problem. After 40 years as an industry leader, hardly anyone was reading their content any more.They knew something had to change and they had a vision of where they wanted to be  – “In three years time our content will be the differentiator that allows our members to be the best in the construction industry.”
But how to go from vision to reality.In early 2024 ACIG kicked off a multi-year project to transform everything they do with their content, from the way they write it, to the way they design, manage, and delivery it.In this session Alan J. Porter from The Content Pool, and Mike Dickerson from ACIG will take a look at the steps undertaken in turning an idea into a practical project, and provide an insight into the story so far – what worked, and what didn’t – plus take a look at what’s next.


In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to recognize you have a content problem
  • How to develop a content vision
  • How to prioritize and map out a practical plan
  • How to address concerns through change management
  • The importance of customer involvement
  • What worked and what didn’t and how ACIG made adjustments