The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA
Kat Reierson

Kat Reierson is a technical/strategic communicator who has found her happy place writing for all things tech! From sensors to software, I love learning and improving processes along the way. I also love helping quality teams break things when given the opportunity. I live in the land of ten-thousand lakes with my husband, our two dogs, and three cats. The handsome boy in the photo with me is Motley, a Bernese Mountain dog who has traveled the states with me kayaking and visiting breweries.

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Managing Writers: An Interactive Playshop

Co-Presented with Barry Saiff.

For many managers of content teams, a two-word job description applies: Create miracles! Managers must effectively deal with a wide variety of issues—from geographically and culturally diverse teams to organizational and technological change. How can you reduce stress, improve results, and empower your team to continually excel?

In this workshop, we’ll explore the inner work that can catapult team success. Developing inner awareness and a mastery of being sets you apart from average leaders. Unleash the inner leader in you!