The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Andrew Dubrov

Originally an academic (French), Andy has moved through several lives from conversational design, to digital assistant product development and now leading content design thinking and operations at Verizon.

His strong grounding in communication theory, design-thinking, and CX omni-channel architecture have helped give him a unique perspective that has seen fruitful systemization work begin to flourish at Verizon.

He lives in northern New Jersey, a stone’s throw from The City (NYC) with his partner, two kids, and (for now) their old dog.

Building Your Own Content Design System From Scratch

Are you a content strategist/design thinker in a massive organization? Do different content authors and teams have their own CMS instances, standards & processes? Is everyone and no one in control of how content matches customer delight, brand voice and content architecture? Well, welcome to the club! And welcome to a healthy, design-driven way of beginning to tackle these issues.In this session, we’ll go over concrete steps to take in creating a reusable design-thinking inspires, content design system.
Topics will include:I.What you and cannot control: Functional mapping of content creation and management rolesII. Common reusable content components/assets:Content asset definitions: elements, models, taxonomies and glossariesIII. Distribution, Intervention and governance modelsIV. Mini-workshopAppendix. Shaping generative AI output for user centricity
Examples from experience will form a basis for explaining concepts and an improvised workshop portion, based on an invented scenario will help participants grasp how to put some of the suggestions we will bring into action.

In this session, attendees will learn how:

  • Design thinking can create a content creation & management governance model
  • To identify, audit and create reusable content assets
  • To advocate for good content practices in the architecting of emerging generative technologies”