The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 14–17 October 2023 | San Diego, CA
Peggy Sanchez

Peggy Sanchez is the current Tech Pubs Manager for Cray Inc., a Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She has a degree in Scientific and Technical Communication and a Masters in Management of Technology. She was a tech writer for 10 years and a Pubs manager for 15. Currently managing the Cray integration into the Hewlett Packard Knowledge Management team.

Peggy lives in St. Paul and is still raising backyard chickens, Pearl, Pinky, Lulu, and PeckySue.

Bigger and Better: Scaling DITA Content in a Brave New World

Going from DITA to a portal is a major accomplishment. In fact, it feels pretty good. But when you outgrow your portal and want more, that’s the harder effort. We wanted to improve our customer experience without sacrificing the content development we had in place. We’ll demonstrate our efforts and the improvements to move forward a new portal. We’ll also talk about what to consider when you’re moving from one DITA portal vendor to another, how you know you’re ready for the leap, and how to plan it, including the test efforts and migrations.

Farewell Opinions! How to Use Data to Drive Internal Efficiency and World-class User Experience

Co-Presented with Peggy Sanchez and Pam Goodrich.
Co-Moderated by Megan Gilhooly and Shimon Shoval.

It’s the multi-million dollar question: How can your organization use data to understand how your content is being used and prioritize ongoing efforts?
Join our analytics panel hosted by Megan Gilhooly where our guests will take you through their journeys to become data-driven and how they use unprecedented insights from Zoomin’s Dashboards to guide their content and support strategies. They’ll offer actionable tips to boost internal productivity and share how their efforts have transformed the end user experience.