The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Patrick Baker

Patrick is an experienced software developer with 25 years of experience designing, developing, and delivering software tools for the technical documentation community. This includes SGML/XML processing technologies and document conversion tools. Patrick has also worked in professional services gathering customer requirements, translating these into statements of work, doing information architecture, implementing solutions, and preparing final deliverables. Patrick has led development teams in the capacity of VP of Development, Chief Software Architect, and more recently as Director of AI, Product, and Support at Precision Content. Life-long learning is important to Patrick. Having a keen interest in mathematics and computer science, Patrick decided to pursue a second master’s degree in computer science, this time in AI and deep learning. Patrick’s thesis research focused on natural language processing. He investigated computing word representations in non-Euclidean space.

Microcontent Pipeline to Chatbots and Voice Assistants

Co-presenting with: Rob Hanna

Use microcontent to put your team in the driver’s seat to the next level of content publishing for intelligent chatbots. By now reality has revealed that ChatGPT is not ready to write our product documentation for us. With no control over what the publicly-trained models scrape from our websites and blogs and how it assimilates our documentation with other less-authoritative sources, we’re left to wonder where we go next. If we want reliable bots, we’ll need to train our own models and deploy them to our staff and our customers. Let us show you what we’ve learned so far.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • The journey to microcontent and how it builds upon our structured writing practices
  • The four principles for a sustainable microcontent strategy
  • How we target intelligent chatbots as just another channel for our content, and
  • The lessons learned about how we can help our clients navigate the ChatGPT phenomenon