The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Chris Free

Chris has been designing and building websites since 1998 and doing so professionally since 2006. Throughout Chris’ career, he has worked across the stack — from the early days of designing pages in Photoshop to contributing to open-source projects, and even configuring web servers. More recently, he has begun writing apps for iOS as a way of keeping abreast of emerging technologies as well as scratching his own creative itch.

Chris has spoken publicly about the challenges of running a digital agency, keeping remote workers engaged, and the value of networking in your career. In early 2020, he began coaching other business leaders in tech.

Outside of work, Chris is a proud Chicagoan, taco lover, BMW enthusiast, and avid CrossFitter. He’s happily married to his high school sweetheart, Jessica. Together they’re raising their two lovely children: Anjali and Elijah.

A Migration Is a Terrible Thing to Waste—A roadmap for your Next Big Content Migration

Co-presenting with: Mark Dorison

Content migrations are immense efforts that require careful strategic planning, implementation, and testing to ensure your data gets from A to B successfully and intact. Still, they’re also moments of great opportunity. Migrations are rare moments that can be seized to improve your content, tools, and workflows while you are already elbow-deep in your content.

In this session, we will share hard-fought lessons to ensure success on your next migration such as tools for planning, how to avoid errors/downtime/SEO declines, how to improve your content, as well as highlight opportunities that are often overlooked during times of normal operation.

You wouldn’t be here if your content wasn’t a tremendously important asset. Join us, and leave ready to create a roadmap for your migration!


In this session attendees will learn:

Hard-fought lessons from content migrations experts to ensure success on their next major migration:

  • How to plan a migration that results in better content
  • How to avoid downtime, SEO declines, or other regressions
  • Tactics and tools to improve your content along the way
  • Cutover vs iterative migration, how to decide