The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Suzanne Kelchner

Suzanne Kelchner is changing how both internal and external customers view technical documentation at Procore Technologies. She’s a leader in their enterprise content strategy to develop deeper collaboration with other content teams. She teaches that not only do tech docs answer customers’ questions, but that they are also marketing docs.

This perspective demonstrates the often overlooked value of her team. She’s been in technical documentation for over 20 years, managing remote teams and transforming tech docs into a valuable asset. Suzanne has a BA in English, with a technical writing certificate. She’s worked both freelance and in corporations. 

LavaFlix Presents: Secrets of Procore Island — Uncovering Hidden Value

In this presentation, Suzanne Kelchner, Sr. Manager of Technical Documentation, recounts her search to uncover the content secrets of Procore Island as she retraces the steps to hidden value. Follow her as she meets with the different departments of Procore to see how they use Customer Education content in their roles. From Sales to SEO, Suzanne will discuss the clues that guided her to treasure. You’ll see why she started the journey, where she started from, and where went. She’ll share what she learned and how she followed the map to treasure.
The goal is that this case study will help you find the hidden value of your content, ideas to quantify that value, and produce deliverables that demonstrate that value throughout the company.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How taxonomy fits within the realm of AI
  • How taxonomies and ontologies can be used to improve training models as part of an overall AI application.
  • Practical approaches to use as they embark on AI-related projects – focusing on the use of taxonomies and ontologies to improve the performance of AI applications.