The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Sabine Ocker

I have 25 years of experience helping companies solve interesting business problems related to structured markup publishing. Architected solutions include full DITA migrations, content corpus conversions, infrastructure and tooling changes, metadata enabled content processing and publishing automation, information modeling, content strategy and process maturity, and taxonomy development.

Care and Feeding of Your Taxonomy

You’ve spent money and resources to implement a taxonomy in your organization, so does that mean you can sit back and relax? The short answer is no. Taxonomies are a snapshot in time and evolve and change. Without robust processes in place, your taxonomy will degrade.

In the CIDM 2019 Taxonomy Survey, 42% of respondents rated the effectiveness of their existing taxonomy as “better than nothing.” You can bet this is because they haven’t properly maintained, managed, and matured that taxonomy.

You’ll come away from this breakout session with specifics on the path to grow your adolescent taxonomy into a full-grown ontology. You’ll learn the 10 characteristics of taxonomy maturity and how to successfully move from one maturity level to the next.