The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Mike Wald

Mike Wald is a specialist in new media and social network development. As the Chief Marketing Officer with Santa Barbara-based Creative Services Agency Oniracom, he specializes in promotion, design, project development, and team management for companies that sell products, build places, and create content. Mike loves to work with forward-thinking individuals aspiring to add a positive and progressive effect to every project he works on.

Ghost in the Machine: Integrating AI into your International Content Strategy

Co-presented with: Elizabeth Riley

AI-powered tools (such as ChatGPT) are quickly becoming a go-to first step when it comes to dreaming up content, writing blogs, and creating images. But does AI really have the necessary context and know-how to create and run a comprehensive and international content strategy, or is it just another tool to add into the mix?

Let the experts at Supertext and Oniracom walk you through how to successfully integrate AI into your strategy, and share where it still falls down compared to human touch.

In this session attendees will learn:

How international content is important to international business, and how authoritative content is created across international markets, then discuss how AI-powered applications for content creation such as chatGPT are used for generating ideas and content and get an overview of how the quality of such content really stands up to evaluation against human-created work. Attendees will also get a better understanding of how international content creators and strategists can effectively leverage these tools into a content strategy and learn how to mitigate potential trouble spots when it comes to creating international content.