The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Mara Pometti

Mara Pometti is Lead AI Content Strategy at IBM. She defines and designs the strategy for AI solutions by revealing overlooked insights hidden in companies’ data. Throughout her journey, she has been adopting design as an approach to explore data and craft it into new content expressing the vision of a novel AI strategy that illuminates the synergy between the technical implementation of AI solutions and their business value. As a polymath sitting at the intersection of data science, design and business, Mara aims to act as a translator who bridges these different worlds through new content connecting AI to people by making it more understandable and trustworthy.

AI Opens New Horizons for Content: Bridging the Gap Between Business and AI Strategy

Today, AI has a broad business purpose. However, many companies still fail to operationalize AI into their business because they cannot craft a well-defined AI strategy that connects machine learning models and algorithms to concrete business outcomes. Working with clients across multiple industries as the only data designer in a team of data scientists brought me to create a new content strategy entirely focused on AI. Multidisciplinary teams use AI Content Strategy to transform the AI’s outcome into new visual content laying out a tangible vision for a long-term AI strategy. This framework aims to solve the most common challenges organizations face: crafting a tangible vision for an AI strategy that acts as a catalyst for the actual implementation of AI solutions. By leveraging data and transforming it into new content, companies can orchestrate multiple AI solutions to achieve their strategic imperatives by communicating the solutions’ business value across an entire organization.

In this session you will learn how to implement and scale a content strategy for AI to apply it to business use cases. Through both IBM internal and client examples, attendees will see how AI Content Strategy is being used to uncover opportunities hidden in companies’ data and how to produce new visual content to lay out the vision and roadmap for a successful AI strategy. The key takeaways of the session will be learning how to:

  • Transform data into content unlocking the AI potentials
  • Use AI content to design and craft a tangible artifact visualizing the AI strategy
  • Anchor the AI’s outcome to concrete business results
  • Engage business stakeholders in the AI strategy design process

Panel Discussion: The Emerging Role of AI and ML in Content Engineering