The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Lori Sanders

Lori Sanders, Lead Einstein Writer for Salesforce, oversees UI copy for all Einstein features and products. She also writes UI copy and documentation for Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Recommendation Builder, two apps built on the Einstein Platform. Prior to making words pack a punch at Salesforce, Lori wrote customer-facing content for Autodesk, ServiceSource, and other enterprise software companies. Lori lives in Marin County, CA, and works at Salesforce HQ in San Francisco.

Writing UI for AI

Writing the user interface for Salesforce Einstein, the AI inside the world’s smartest CRM platform, has unique challenges and opportunities. Leading a team of UX writers to create copy that builds trust and credibility with data science audiences without alienating business users requires agility and a broad understanding of use cases. We’ll take an inside look at what it’s like to write and manage content for products like Einstein Bots, Einstein Prediction Builder, and Einstein Voice.
In this session, attendees will learn:

  • What’s uniquely challenging and rewarding about writing for AI products and features
  • How to create consistent terminology among a team of writers working on products for varying industries
  • How to identify opportunities of overlap between feature areas to get their writers collaborating
  • About the terminology gymnastics involved in writing for different AI audiences: users, administrators, and data scientists
  • About what it’s like to write for VUI (voice user interfaces) versus GUI
  • How to make AI sound smart but not creepy
  • How to walk the line of making AI approachable without oversimplifying it
  • Where in a product to add in-app user assistance based on level of user knowledge
  • How to convey in a UI the need for the user to partner with the AI to get useful predictions, recommendations, and interactions