The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Liz Pfeffer

Liz Pfeffer works at the intersection of entertainment, tech and design as the lead content designer on Netflix’s TV experience. Previously, she led writing for YouTube’s subscription business where she helped launch YouTube TV. Before breaking into content strategy, she was an award-winning newspaper and public radio reporter, and editor of a bestselling design book. She’s passionate about opening doors for others who don’t come from traditional pipelines and is an active mentor in Netflix’s HBCU UX bootcamp.

Advocating for Change: Embrace Your Inner Rebel!

In order to succeed we must try. From career choices to word choices, stepping wide-eyed into the unknown is how we intentionally make change happen. For content people, every step can feel a little risky because often we’re the first ones taking it. The first in our role, the first on the project or the first at the company.

Join Liz in a chat about how to have a sense of adventure when it comes to making customer experiences—as well as our own—better. Inspire yourself and your team to act boldly Identify opportunities for change Find tools and metrics to help you get more comfortable taking risks!