The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Keren Brown

Keren Brown currently holds the position of VP of Value and Enablement at Zoomin, where she leads Sales Enablement, Customer Value and Education, Product enablement and adoption, and Marketing. Her expertise lies in maximizing product value, collaborating with product teams, creating effective marketing strategies, and conducting ROI analysis.

In her prior role, Keren served as a Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services, focusing on cloud adoption and sales growth. During her time at Riskified, she was the Global Head of L&D and a Corporate Sales Trainer.

At Zoomin, Keren helps technical documentation managers to articulate the measurable value of their technical documentation to their upper management, and helps them implement GPT solutions for their own knowledge portals.

Beyond the Hype: How Docs Teams are Leveraging AI to Actually Make a Difference

In many companies docs teams are the first team to get an AI solution up and running. The success of AI initiatives hangs on the knowledge it’s grounded in.  Pioneering docs teams are taking the lead in building the critical infrastructure for their entire company’s AI feasibility, and, at times, even strategy.
A lot of talk when it comes to AI can be vague or theoretical. But many companies out there are doing the hard work to implement AI solutions that move the needle. Slowly but surely, best practices are emerging.
AI isn’t coming for your job. But AI-savvy docs professionals might. As AI continues to transform the way we work, we must transform our own roles to meet this new reality and continuously implement emerging best practices around AI.
That’s why I want to share some of the best practices that we have uncovered. These are real, tangible insights from peers putting in the work and successfully deploying GPT solutions. No theory, but meaty, value-packed insights.

In this session, attendees will learn:

Join me in learning from the pros, including:

  • How other industry giants are leveraging AI to work smarter and deliver better self-service experience
  • How to get started with AI initiatives and the functionality to prioritize
  • The collaboration required with other teams to move with speed
  • How to track and communicate the impact of your work