The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Joan Barnard

Joan Barnard has designed products for both the creator and business audiences at Pinterest. She has worked on all parts of the advertiser experience, from analytics tooling and marketing trends to partner integrations and onboarding. In addition to supporting monetization efforts, she also hosted Pinterest TV, live, long-form segments featuring new and established creators. Before Pinterest, Joan was the content strategist and spokesperson for Zoosk, an online dating site. Her dating advice column Dear Joan reached over 14 million readers before moving to YouTube and live TV. She splits time between Virginia, San Francisco, Burning Man and well-stocked snack closets.

Lights, Camera, Should I Be Doing This?
How To Go Live With Your Product Writing Expertise

When it comes to helping an audience understand the product, no one does it better than a content designer. We know how to entice prospective audiences, get them onboarded and make sure they know how to make the most of our product. Our language is simple, straightforward and always on brand. But, do these skills translate on camera?

Come have a chat with Joan, a content designer who pivoted from product flows to live TV. Learn how to find your unique voice and make your UX writing pop for TV and video.