The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Carl Debeer

Carl DeBeer is a Tech Docs manager at VMware. He leads his team in creating data-driven content. (He maintains it’s only quality documentation if it’s got the usage statistics to prove it.) His passions include science fiction, Lego sets, and the Oxford comma.

Creating Content Users Can Find

Analytics tell us that users aren’t reading content cover to cover anymore, so why are we still writing like they do? We face competition from bloggers, forums, and even competitors. It’s not enough anymore to create good content.
If you want to compete in the digital workspace, you need to create content users can find. Bake SEO right into your content development cycle. Change your definition of good content so you’re giving users and search engines crawlers what they want.

In this session, attendees will learn:

Learn how it is much easier to bake SEO from the start to ensure your users find your content. See how VMware learned this the hard way after a rebranding. Learn the three ways you need to write for SEO.

This presentation will give you the tools to analyze your existing content, learn how users find your content, and create findable content.

Jen Schaefer leads the first Content Design team at Netflix, managing a diverse group of writers working in verticals from Messaging to Mobile to Interactive.

Prior to Netflix, she spent seven years at Google, where she managed the Travel and Shopping content strategy teams and co-ran the annual UX Writing Summit. Since her first job in tech as the writer for an Internet incubator in 2000, Jen has shaped products large and small with a strategic, people-centered approach to language.

Jen specializes in delivering content strategy at scale, including growing global writing teams, building design systems, optimizing localization processes and establishing content partnerships.