The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Bill Swallow

Bill Swallow, Director of Operations at Scriptorium, has more than two decades of experience in technical communication, including content development, localization, management, and legacy content conversion. Bill specializes in handling challenging localization, workflow, reuse, and terminology scenarios.

Smarter Content in Weird Places

Smart content (intelligent content, XML) has been used in technical content development for quite a while, and has been used to produce user guides, online help, web content and other technical publications. But we’re now seeing many other groups adopting smart content and pushing content out in a variety of creative ways.

In this talk we’ll explore the impact that smart content is making in groups outside technical communication and the sometimes rather weird yet effective applications of this content.

Thinking smaller: breaking the long-form writing habit

Breaking the long-form writing habit is a difficult but necessary step in moving to a smarter content authoring approach. While we need to think bigger with regard to content strategy, we also need to think smaller with regard to content and leverage it as a true business asset. Join Scriptorium for a discussion on how to approach this shift in mindset and approach to content authoring.