The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Barbara Green

Barbara Green influences the innovation and launch of content-design strategies and solutions. She works with stakeholders and user-focused departments to improve the authoring environment and the self-service support experience for customers. She also leads the ACST Content Community of Practice. The purpose of the community is to bridge and align content groups to a shared vision and strategy.

Since 2005, Barbara has served her customers as a Senior Writer, Manager of Information Design, and R&D Content Lead. ACS Technologies develops and supports an extensive line of legacy and SaaS solutions.

How ACS Technologies Publishes Personalized Content for Multiple Audiences with easyDITA

Co-presented with Jarod Sickler

ACS Technologies is one of the leading providers of ministry management software. They work with a wide range of denominations, each with its own set of terms, preferences, and product packages.
ACS Technologies wanted to deliver a personalized content experience for all of its users. But, due to their limited resources, writing content for each audience individually was not feasible. They had to find a smarter way to deliver this quality experience.
Learn how ACS Technologies, with the help of easyDITA, developed a dynamic content portal that delivers a personalized content experience to their users.

In this presentation, learn how ACS Technologies:

  • Planned for the shift to personalized output
  • Methodically organized their content based on audience traits