Stefan Gentz

Changing the Engine without Stopping the Car: Moving to Structured Authoring

Co-Presenting with Jang Graat

This workshop is for anyone who needs to move to structured authoring but has to take existing unstructured content with them. You cannot afford to leave all that good content behind, and you do not have the time to copy-paste it into a structured authoring system. Adobe FrameMaker is the only product on the market that can combine structured and unstructured content without running into any conversion or compatibility problems. Your multi-channel output production will not need to skip a beat while you are converting the content bit by bit, one topic at a time, when that topic is up for revision anyway. In this workshop, you will learn to set up the conversion and you will discover that everything you need is contained in the product – no additional costs are involved. And even if you are not using FrameMaker for your unstructured content, this will work almost exactly the same.

The Convergence of Marketing and Technical Communication

For the last decades most discussions in technical documentation where all about automation, moving to xml and structured content, improving quality, managing technical documentation more efficiently, and of course: reducing costs. Now it’s time to talk about the customer experience. And it’s time to talk about the customer journey.

In this session Stefan Gentz, Worldwide TechComm Evangelist for Adobe, will discuss the communication of technical content and how it’s becoming increasingly important to understand technical communication as marketing communication. The ability to blend marketing content and technical content into a unified customer experience becomes key to success. The foundation for this is dynamic, intelligent content that enables personalization and multi-channel content delivery to communicate with customers in all possible ways.

Feed the Goldfish in 19 Minutes and 52 Seconds

Content consumption patterns have dramatically changed over the last decade. The maximum selective sustained attention span of a human being is about 20 minutes. The length of this talk. Latest research shows that the transient attention span of human beings has even gone down from 12 to 8 seconds over the last decade – even a goldfish has a longer attention span.

To communicate technical content in the future successfully, we need to move from drops to drips, deliver smaller content chunks, improve findability and searchability and tailor content to the content consumer’s role and context automatically.


As the Worldwide Evangelist for Technical Communication at Adobe, Stefan’s mission is to inspire enterprises and technical writers around the world and show how to create compelling technical communication content with the Adobe TCS tools.

Stefan is also a certified Quality Management Professional (TÜV), ISO 9001 / EN 15038 auditor, ISO 31000 Risk Management expert and Six Sigma Champion.

Stefan is a popular keynote speaker and moderator at conferences such as tekom, tcworld, Information Energy, Intelligent Content Conference, Congility, LocWorld, TCUK, STC, GALA, ELIA, TTT, Translation Forum Russia and many others. He is also a member of the Conference Advisory Board of the world’s biggest TechComm event, the tekom / tcworld Conferences and member of the iiRDS working group for Intelligent Information. He is also an active social networker on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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