Noz Urbina

Workshop: Adaptive Content Modelling for Omnichannel User Experience (UX)

One of today’s most daunting content delivery challenges is adapting your message for personalised, even contex-specific distribution, on a diverse array of target devices and channels. This session will teach a
proven methodology to analyse, enrich and structure your content to help authors create omnichannel, personalisation and automation-ready content.

Content modelling is the backbone of an omnichannel content strategy. This session will show you how it’s done, and connect the dots between semantic content, content reuse, responsive design, omnichannel and
multichannel delivery and user experience.

Single-source, multichannel content – also known as ‘Single source of truth’ or “COPE (create once, publish everywhere)” content – is a bit of a holy grail right now. Multichannel’s big brother “omnichannel” is quickly gaining wider awareness. Our trade is discussing content being freed from the browser, available for reuse, and accessible in apps, kiosks, responsive mobile deliverables, eBooks and syndication services to our partners – even in wearable technologies. All this should improve the experience of users, and of course, benefit the organisations that serve them. Adaptive content unifies all these concepts and makes such a paradigm possible.

This practical session will show you why you want and need to have adaptive content structures to optimise user experience today. Its hands-on introductory exercises will help you model your own content in a future-proof way.

Keynote: How to Reach Those Who Hold The Power and Purse Strings

A jam-packed introduction piece to the full session to follow in the afternoon. We’ll address the true nature of strategy (it’s not about your pay grade) and how to address a mixed managerial landscape. The short and
long sessions on this topic feature unique content and are designed to work together. This session features some proven key tips and techniques to the positioning of content up the org chart and help you move your
initiative forward.

Continued: How to Reach Those Who Hold The Power and Purse Strings

The full session leading off from the earlier keynote. This session is back by popular demand from LavaCon 2013:

It seems sometimes like management engagement with your content strategy is like a great mystical prize sealed up in the highest tower of a maze-like castle; and there’s a huge moat; and the whole thing is on
top of a mountain.

To actually reach it is a challenge that will in itself take a strategy, special tools (and weapons?), and a great mountain-climbing, maze-solving team.

Noz Urbina shares some of his experience on how we can get closer to our content strategy objectives by not falling at the first barrier: getting the necessary support to develop and implement it. Based on a career
selling content strategies into a diverse range of organisations – from a few hundred staff to tens-of-thousands – some of his tips will involve judicious use of common sense, and others will be potentially

Learn how you can storm that castle, and claim your prize.


Noz Urbina is a globally recognized leader in the field of content strategy and customer experience consultancy. He is someone that can effectively bridge corporate, technical and user needs and priorities. Speaking the language of all three has been a key asset during a diverse project background covering multi- and omni-channel strategies.

He has designed interfaces and processes that have saved organisations hundreds of thousands per year, recommended solutions that have avoided headcount increases, and delivered dozens of budget-winning internal presentations in a language to which executives can relate.

Above all, he has a passion for helping people communicate.