Gavin Austin

Doc is Dead! How Walkthroughs Changed Salesforce’s Content Strategy

Customers no longer have the patience to read online help or user guides. To help customers better understand why they should use a variety of features, and renew their subscription-based apps, Salesforce conducted research to determine the content types that engaged customers most. The result—Salesforce changed its content strategy.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What types of interactive content we’re creating at Salesforce
  • Why Salesforce moved to interactive content over documentation
  • How a large company changed its content strategy and how customers responded


Gavin Austin is a Lead Technical Writer at Salesforce, where he writes everything from UI text to API developer guides. Since 2008, he has delivered a number of highly-rated presentations at Writers UA, STC Summits, Agile2013, Intelligent Content Conference, Blue Shield of California, and San Francisco State University.

Co-Presenting With

Lila Giuili