Fabrice LaCroix

Writing for Machines

Historically, technical content has been written for humans. But with the rise of artificial intelligence, machines will consume this content to solve problems automatically or help solve problems. This means that machines need to leverage the content in the easiest, most unambiguous way possible.

Structured content authoring has been created to optimize the writing process (minimize cost and increase reuse). But this way of writing has a lot of impact on what algorithms and content can do with it. Through a set of examples, Fabrice will show the benefits and limits of structured content, and how structured content impacts what modern tools and algorithms can do.


Fabrice’ career is intimately linked to the development of the Internet and of the Web. He began as a system developer in the telecom industry, and in 1994 he takes part in the creation of the first French ISP as CTO, developing many breakthrough technologies. Convinced that the future is in the data more than in the infrastructure, keen on innovation and entrepreneurship, Fabrice creates Antidot in 1999.

Fabrice is also board member of different companies, investors and organizations where he shares his views on innovation and the evolution of the software industry. Fabrice graduated from ENSIMAG and holds a Master in Computing from the Imperial College London.