Presentations by Liz Fraley

Early Adopters of Dynamic Information Delivery: Where Are They Now?

There’s a software side to dynamic information delivery. We all know this.  Customers who have seen IBM talk have come to Single-Sourcing Solutions and said “Sure, they can get there, but can I?” What if you’re not a software company?

What if your paper product is your deliverable? What about the Medtronics of the world? Or the Harcourt School Publishers? Or the small companies? What’s in
reach? What have they really achieved? Did they see the expected ROI? Single-Sourcing Solutions has been interviewing long-term Arbortext customers
to find out where they are now. The company wanted to know whether customers  were realizing the full potential of their solutions, what data they’d collected, what
lessons they’d learned, and what they’d implemented over time.
This talk highlights stories—successes and failures—from companies who have  been doing dynamic information delivery for a very long time. It will include  qualified, hard data, breadth of projects and future impact.

How Do I Pick the Right Tool for Me?

So many tools to choose from! So many messages from so many vendors.  Everyone saying they are the right one! One size does not fit all and one solution is not right for everyone! How could it?! How do you find the right one for you?

You need to be able to evaluate tools from a balanced, objective point of view. In this session, Liz Fraley will share strategies, benchmarks, and questions that she’s
used (and seen used) over the years, so you will have something in your back pocket to help you choose the tool that’s best for you, your company, and your

People always ask, “Liz, how do I choose?” She’s helped teams choose tools for small companies, big companies, and been on selection committees at giant
global enterprises. There’s no one answer that’s the right answer for everyone. It depends on staff, resources, skills, and even company culture.

About Liz Fraley
Single-Sourcing Solutions

liz-fraley-lavacon-150x150Before founding Single-Sourcing Solutions, Liz worked in both high-tech and government sectors, developing and delivering technical design and strategy of authoring and publishing solutions as a Single-Source/XML Architect/Programmer. For over a decade, she has architected and implemented the single-sourcing systems for government and high tech companies.

Specializing in practical development and deployment, she is a strong advocate of designing architectures that directly improve organizational efficiency, productivity, and interoperability. She presents regularly at industry and vendor conferences and is very active in the software engineering user communities: SF Bay ACM council member, SF Bay Arbortext PTC/User group charter member, and host of both a blog and a podcast that focus on strategies, skills, and resources for the user community.

She holds degrees in Computer Science and English from the University of College Park and a Masters in English from the University of Southern Mississippi.