The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 23-28 October 2020 | UX: Virtual
Kendal Sparks

Kendal Sparks is the lead content designer for Click to Pay, Mastercard’s new advanced checkout technology. Before that, he led the experience writing practice for Ogilvy’s Experience Design group. Kendal comes to UX by way of a career in arts education, and advocates for disrupting how we recruit talent. He also co-led Ogilvy XD’s Diversity and Inclusion initiative.

From OWLs to OKRs: Setting Measurable Goals to Up-level Your Content Practice

Note: The OWLs abbreviation in this session title refers to Ordinary Wizarding Levels. This term refers to the end-of-year exams in the Harry Potter series.

Content folks all have two jobs: We craft the words inside our experiences. But we also have to communicate the value of our discipline to our organizations. Without a plan, the daily chores we do on our project teams can overtake big-picture goals.

Learn how the Content Design team at Mastercard helps writers working on different projects focus on the same priorities. In an interactive setting, you’ll collaborate with your peers to set strategic objectives for yourself and your team. You’ll leave this workshop with:

  • Strategies for keeping dispersed writers connected to the larger content team
  • Examples of how to apply the Objective s and Key Results (OKR) framework to content
  • Your own OKRs to share with your content team