The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Martina Farkasova

Martina Farkasova is the Customer Education Leader at, where she leads her team to enable customers through forward-thinking content.

Prior to this, she studied information technology with her final thesis on Design sprint automation. Combining her passion for technology, data, education, and research is what led her to become a Content Developer and later a CustEd Leader.

When she’s not working, you might find her behind the camera, at a music festival, or traveling the world.

P.S. If you challenge me to a Friends trivia, I will win.

Headless: Catch Silos If You Can

Co-presented with: Tomas Nosek

Authoring in multiple platforms adds up to a lot of administration. And not only that. Using more tools creates obstacles in the editor’s experience and hinders data tracking. Yet, this is the reality for most companies. Heck, silos have been an ongoing topic at Lavacon for years now.

This case study will walk you through our transition from using multiple 3rd-party authoring tools to a headless CMS. With headless, our team was able to simplify the authoring process, inspire developers to contribute too, improve data gathering, and much more.

In this session you will learn how:

  • Headless can help you bring down silos in your organization
  • To reduce copy-pasting, broken links management, and other repetitive work
  • To take advantage of content versioning and take workflows to the next level
  • Headless can require more technical resources in your team than you might expect