The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Barbara Green

As a Content Lead at ACS Technologies, Barbara Green influences and guides the innovation, development, and implementation of product content strategy, solutions, and operations. Barbara enjoys collaborating with content designers, UX teams, stakeholders and other user-focused groups to deliver a seamless experience for customers.

Since 2005, Barbara has served her customers as a Senior Writer, Manager of Information Design, and Content Lead in R&D. Since 1978, ACS Technologies® has developed outstanding technology solutions, specifically for faith-based organizations.

Battling Content Chaos with a Unified Content Framework

A central content strategy or ownership is the gold standard. But if you’re a writer or content professional in an organization that doesn’t adapt or respond to central oversight, you may find your initiatives are one among many with varying degrees of success or quality. All are vying for the attention of your customers. Suffer the user experience, right ?!! How do you find your way through the chaos and nonsense to serve your customers well?

Having successfully adopted structured authoring, implemented a CCMS and a dynamic portal, ACS Technologies’ product content team found themselves in just such a situation after the acquisitions of four new brands. In this session, Barbara will share how an eclectic group, concerned for their customers, came together to research and design an omni-channel content framework. The concept not only appealed to leadership’s business objectives and new innovation initiatives, but solved real customer problems.

In this session attendees will learn:

  • How we explored and validated customer problems.
  • How we designed and prototyped for scale and personalization.
  • How we are building a unifying content framework using the Heretto Deploy API