The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 24-27 October 2021 | Virtual
Travis McKnight

Travis McKnight is a senior content strategist at Portent who strives to combine exceptional UX with intimate storytelling. He spends most of his time clinging to the side of cliffs, reading the news, and stirring up trouble in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. You can follow his Twitter ramblings at @Khellendos.

How to Unify Your Content and CX Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers

To avoid losing potential or existing customers, your brand’s customer experience (CX) strategy must be comprehensive, effective, and efficient—from the very moment a user engages with your company. If you learn how to integrate CX as a core content strategy component, you can preemptively provide the necessary solutions to a user’s needs. The more high-quality solutions you build, the stronger your customer journey becomes, and the more likely you can draw in users, convert them, and then retain their loyalty.

In this session you will learn three content strategy techniques you can use to develop top-notch CX pathways:

  • Identify customer service pain points
  • Create friction-specific customer service solutions
  • Communicate authentically with customers

These strategies will align your brand’s communications with users and present a compelling, user-focused journey.”