The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Patricia Dwyer

Patricia Dwyer photo

Patricia B. Dwyer is a senior content designer at Intuit’s San Diego campus who leads content design strategy for the company’s privacy, security, account and data management experiences. Before content design, she resided in the contemporary art world and loves the intersection between the conceptual and the tactical that creates magic in both spaces. She nerds out on ecosystem design, and when she’s not hustling at the office, she’s definitely floating in the ocean.

Building Trust with Users While Discussing What You Do with Their Data

Privacy is a scorchingly hot topic that often gets left to the lawyers to handle. This case study traces the design journey of Intuit’s first privacy center, launched January 1, 2020. A content designer (of all people!) was at the helm of the project, leading research, doing some serious bonding with the legal team, and driving the company’s conversation on how to talk to its users about their data. During this presentation, learn how to:

  • Use voice and tone to build trust
  • Empower users with accessible information
  • Lead a content-first initiative
  • Work with lawyers