The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Maria McGinn

As Head of Partnerships at Xyleme, Maria McGinn collaborates with strategic partners and customers who are passionate about breaking through the limitations of current processes in order to drive the next generation of exceptional learning experiences. Maria’s mission is to help global enterprise organizations comprehend and assess content systems that facilitate highly personalized content delivery in the flow of work. Xyleme is dedicated to revolutionizing the way that organizations structure, manage, and disseminate their intellectual property in a variety of content formats and through multiple channels, all while operating from a single source of truth. Xyleme and its partnership network are transforming every facet of the Learning landscape, delivering digital transformation with proprietary content at its core.

Delivering Skill Based Learning with Adaptive Content

Co-presenting with: Max Swisher

The learning and development industry is rapidly changing. Recent events like the Great Resignation resulted in a massive shift for companies to change the way they engage, retain, and reskill top talent. With this shift came a greater focus on creating personalized pathways for top talent to develop the skills they need for internal mobility.

According to the LinkedIn Learning 2022 Report, companies that excel at internal mobility retain employees 2x longer than companies that struggle with it. This shows that L&D will play a critical role in building employee experiences that drive mobility and engagement.

Technology advancements within the quickly evolving skills and talent intelligence space will be at the forefront of this revolution and quality content will be at the heart. As content designers we need to anticipate and adapt to this changing world.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How the employee development space is evolving
  • What this evolution means for training content designers
  • The five dimensions of content standardization to deliver personalized learning experiences