The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Lisa Rabey

Lisa Rabey photoLisa Rabey has been a librarian, network engineer, a bookseller, and once (unsuccessfully) tried to sell newspapers over the phone. Lisa is a Senior Content Developer at ADP (the paycheck people) where she manages and leads her business unit’s migration to a new KM CMS. Lisa works closely with the Enterprise KM team and other BUs on developing and implementing best practices and solutions that would even make Professor Mcgonagall smile.

No Longer Frenemies: Enterprise and Business Unit Governance in Content Strategy

Business units and enterprise KM teams need to be the best of friends and not, oh please, become frenemies with burn books. The shared strategies between these two organizations is critical and highly influential of their individual goals. While clearly individualist, the ability to cooperate, compromise, and deliver mutual results will bring much harmony to the governance meetings and completed projects. Even the project managers will be happy.

  • Defining the role of knowledge management in enterprise wide organization and within their business units
  • Developing and implementing a shared knowledge management strategy
  • The role of business units in the implementation strategy while managing their own expectations
  • Creating a shared governance across business units