The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Kiana Minkie

Kiana Minkie is a Marketing Content Specialist at Acrolinx. She comes to her content career from a science background and a love of storytelling. Committed to the power of intentional communication to create social change, Kiana has published a plethora of B2B content on the importance of inclusive language in the workplace. In 2020, she organized and moderated an inclusive language webinar with two diversity and inclusion advocates. She also leads the Acrolinx Diversity and Inclusion committee, and is a driving force behind employee-driven inclusion efforts.

Inclusive Language: The Path to Respectful Content, Connections and Companies

Inclusive language is about way more than simply avoiding offense. It makes us aware of how history has shaped language — by demanding we tune in and listen to the voices around us that have been ignored or muted. And, it invites us to use language intentionally to create safety and belonging for all people.
Inclusive language helps businesses reach a wider target audience, create safer workplaces and equitable opportunities, and attract talent they might otherwise overlook.
In this session, we’ll explore how to improve inclusion and diversity in the workplace, using inclusive language as an important step to getting there. We’ll also discuss why brands must pair inclusive language with meaningful action.

In this session you will learn:

  • What inclusive language is and why it’s important in organizations.
  • How to navigate the challenges global companies face when trying to create inclusive content.
  • How to use inclusive language in content as a starting point to larger diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • How the right technology plays an important role in global companies learning to communicate inclusively.

The Value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Content Development Teams