The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Kat Shereko

Kat Shereko is a Content Team Lead at Portent and a WWU alum. With a background in psychology research, she takes a data-driven approach in every step of her content development efforts. She is passionate about offering an exceptional user experience while challenging brands to think outside of the old-school marketing box. When she’s not analyzing user search intent, Kat is avidly planning her next escape abroad or spending time in the mountains.

Organic Strategy Lead

Companies spend a lot of their marketing dollars researching their users and developing inclusive web content. However, many companies aren’t doing their due diligence of making that content accessible for persons with disabilities. From headlines and form fields, to the use of images and color contact, the majority of websites today are not Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

(WCAG) compliant. In the US, there are 22 million working-age adults with disabilities. That’s an immense number of underserved individuals with a lot of buying power. In this session, Kat Shereko will cover:

  • What web accessibility is and how it relates to WCAG
  • The differences between WCAG compliance levels (A, AA, AAA)
  • Where web accessibility overlaps with SEO and UX
  • How to optimize web content for WCAG standards
  • How to make a case for making web content more accessible