The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference | 27–30 October 2024 | Portland, OR
Jessica Reed

Jessica Reed currently serves as Vice President, Product Marketing & Content Strategy, NBCUniversal. In this role, she leads the team responsible for communicating the value proposition of the full suite of ad products developed by NBCUniversal’s Advertising Platforms & Operations team—including customer solutions, back-end platform solutions, supply enablement solutions, and data architecture—to advertising clients, prospects, and internal stakeholders.

Prior to joining NBCU, Jessica led technical communications, product marketing, and content strategy for a variety of startups. Most recently, she was at Borderfree, a full-service global ecommerce provider acquired by Pitney Bowes in 2015. Before Borderfree, she spent more than six years in ad tech, first at Mediaocean (formerly Donovan Data Systems) and later at Maxifier.


What Dark Side? How to Carve Your Own Content Path, from TechComm to MarComm and Back Again

Jessica will share her content journey (which is totally a thing), from her early days as a junior technical writer for an ad tech startup to her current role leading product marketing and content strategy for NBCUniversal’s Advertising Platforms & Operations. Along the way, she’ll share lessons she’s learned about merging technical writing and product marketing into a unified practice—spoiler alert: marketing is not the dark side—and provide a view into how everything she does is informed by her love of language and its power to help make sense of advertising, technology, and the world.